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E-commerce or electronic commerce

is a website where the trading (buying or selling) of the product or service and digital products takes place online as name suggests.

In this digital world, everything is confirming its presence online. Not only it’s hassle free but also at the same time it’s time saving and efficient, everything is at ease and comfort of the user.

Internet act as a pivot to display and promote your business online. Internet has 4.9 billion users, so to attract more target users, e-commerce sites play a significant role.

Sikaria Tech is one of the best e-commerce website designing company in laxmi nagar delhi and is the hub to provide best-fit e-commerce solutions . Our skilled team of designers and developers can help our target customer to build, optimize their online store to reach globally and to generate more leads.

Using our advanced and innovative technology, your online store not only beats the competition but also attract more leads with our design and user-interface. Moreover, our experts also deals in upgrading the existing e-commerce sites, so you can also reach out to us.


How we work- Our Workflow

E-commerce sites is a boon for every business, because it’s more user-friendly, timesaving and personalized. Moreover, it offers various discounts and vouchers attracts the users.

Sikaria Tech’s prime focus is always the users and our target customers, so we follow top-down approach to meet our client’s need

  • Requirement and Extensive Research
    sort of product they are willing to sell, what type of site they want ( B2C, B2B, C2B or C2C), how they want to sell and ship, we begin our research on meeting the requirements. This is the primary step for every ecommerce sites

  • Documentation
    Once the requirement is gathered thoroughly, we prepare a documentation or a manual to help client understand better, this documentation has client’s ecommerce solution, once the client approves we will move to the next step.

  • Upgrading
    Our team also promise to provide solutions from time to time if clients wants updates or if there is a change in the market.

  • Testing
    In this very step, we look out for bugs and error if present, and eliminate every risk as we ensure secure product so the website must ensure that it is error-free so that payment and other operation work accordingly. Once the testing is done and is validated by the client, we deploy

  • Deployment
    Final product is ready to be deployed across various platforms to generate more leads

  • Designing and Coding
    Our skilled teams of designers and developers in this step begins to create user-friendly e-store for your leads. To begin with, we use CMS and various tools like debuggers, interpreter, APIs and several other platforms, our innovative technology beats every other ecommerce website design company. In this step, the whole website is created and ready to be tested.

Advantages of having an e-commerce website

  • 24X7 accessible

  • No of products to choose from

  • Wider market reach

  • Time-saving, cost-saving

  • Product shipped at your door, or to your mail (if any digital product)


Why Sikaria Tech?

Sikaria Tech is one of the leading e-commerce website designing company in delhi that excels in creating services like web design, websites (dynamic or static), SEO, social media marketing and creating an e-commerce websites. We promise to cater the needs of our clients so we ensure:

  • Highly responsive e-commerce website.

  • Safe and secure data and payments

  • Promote your business

  • We also created a bot that will help user.

  • Wider market reach.

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