Google Adwords

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Effective PPC Campaigns

Google AdWords is a powerful digital advertising platform that allows businesses to reach their target audience through pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

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Grow and Boost Your Business with Google AdSense

Google AdSense or Google AdWords

Google AdSense or Google AdWords is an advertising platform developed by Google in the year 2000, which work on the PPC (Pay-per-click) algorithm. Mostly used for business to gain potential customers thereby generating organic traffic.

Google Ads circle around the certain keywords and phrases that are related to the services or the product you offer online. Whenever a visitor looks out for particular keyword, phrases, the ads may be at the top of the navigation, at the bottom, or anywhere in a dynamic page, if the user clicks on the ad relevant to the product or services; the Google AdSense pays the advertiser.

Every minute n number of searches are made around the globe; Google is the most widely used search engine, and every search results runs on the Google Ads. Hence, it is widely used.

Sikaria Tech in Laxmi Nagar is one of the best google ads service provider in the market. We provide best google ads service solutions that not only helps in lead generation but also increase more organic traffic at your website through our best tools and techniques. Our workforce helps you in every step of providing you the optimized solutions.

With our Google Ads Campaign, we promise you the better profits both in terms of capital, leads, and keeps you ahead of the competition.


Workflow of Google Ads Campaign

Google AdSense boosts your website visibility and capital generation. One can set Google AdSense account for free. We take following steps to grant our clients best Google Ads solutions

Sikaria Tech’s skilled members focuses on the client’s request so we implement the best strategy to make profits.

  • Knowing our potential clients
    The first and foremost step is to know our audience; in this step, proper questionnaire is conducted to know what our client’s business goals, their target audience and any other requirements related to the optimization of their websites.

  • Setting up the Google AdSense account
    In the primary step we set up a Google AdSense, account, the account holds various information that define the drive force like organic leads generation, increase in traffic, the budget and the ads format ( video, text or link), the targeting audience etc.

  • Planning and Conducting
    This step is the most crucial step, strategic planning that suits the business goals is performed in this step, the rigorous keyword research is done, and Google AdSense is based on auctioning system. Hence, more catchy the keyword more the traffic, creating a significant ad and budgeting strategies are also discussed in this step.

  • Continuous Optimization
    Once the strategic planning is completed and once the google ads is posted online in your website, the work is not completed here, a continuous optimization is required to check the performance of the ads, we also optimize the keywords simultaneously and also we use hit and trial method to achieve maximum optimization.

  • Analysing using Google Analytics
    Using Google Analytics and other optimization tools, we can determine the performance of the site; with this step, we can know the present performance and the best-fit solutions that can be used further to maximize profits

  • Client Feedback
    We maintain regular feedbacks with our clients to know each other better, to understand their requirements, their target audience and their budgets. Our team are always open to recommendation and suggestions.

Pros of using Google AdSense

With proper knowledge and support, Google AdSense will make you earn more and more profits. Various benefits of using Google Ads are

  • Google AdSense is an Open source platform that means it is free of cost and setting up an account is comparatively easy

  • It is time efficient no hefty efforts are required.

  • Lead generation and improving sales.

  • Lead generation and improving sales.


Our services

  • Sikaria Tech has certified team in Google suite like Google Analytics and Google Ad services provides you with the best solution in the market. We follow basic guidelines and policies of the Google to get the assured results.

  • We also conduct continuous tracking and optimization of the keyword and the content of the website and look out the areas of improvement

  • We offer several ads format to our clients like text-based ads or video based, or links.

  • Our team are always open to provide customer support and feedback.

  • We also help in optimizing the Quality score Bid Amount of the keyword that used in the content of the website as more the quality score higher will be the profits.

To reach out to your potential clients, to generate more leads effortlessly and earn profits and to be ahead of every competition unlock these perks with Sikaria Tech, the best google ad service provider
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