Social Media Optimization

The Ultimate Guide to Generating Passive Income Through Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a type of online marketing where a business rewards one or more Social Media for each customer or sale that is generated through the Social Media Optimization efforts.

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Improve your Brand Image with Sikaria Tech’s Social Media Optimization Strategy

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a method to improve your business visibility online, creating a brand awareness, to reach target audience over various social media platforms.

Every business be it small or big, must have social media presence in order to sell your product or service to earn profits, or target the leads, and boost your website online. It can involve both organic and inorganic traffic. Unlike SEO, SMO attracts the leads from various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. It can surely derive the immense traffic on your website.

Data suggests that around 4.48 billion people uses social media around the globe that accounts for the 60% of the population. Therefore, to generate n number of leads, to grow your business and to enjoy benefits and profits, social media has a very dominant role.

Sikaria Tech in Laxmi Nagar is one of the best SMO Company in Delhi, It provide you not only the desired social media optimization solutions but also constantly improves and boost the contents of your website to engage more audience over the various social media platforms.

With our best strategies and technology, your website will gain brand awareness, have a competitive advantage and derive the heavy web traffic and hence, generating profits.


“SMO was first used in the year 2006”

Our Approach to provide you with the best strategy to boost your business’s social media presence

Social Media Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that give your business an edge to stand out by constantly boosting your website’s performance through social media, fosters engagement with the leads.

“In addition to various advantages, SMO also boost SEO performance”.

  • Creating a social media profile
    In this step, we create and optimize your social media profile on various social media platforms, like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, etc. Providing your profile with unique username, which must be same in every platforms, the brand image, your profile picture, also we conduct extensive keyword research to use in describing your business online on social media platforms. Thereby enriching your brand value.

  • Strategic Planning
    After creating a social media profile, we must create content of your website that give exposure to your brand, the content of the website must meet the expectations of the target user, with our keen promotion strategies, that uses texts, video or graphical data to represent your business on social media, your profile will get more engagements.

  • Customer support
    In this step, we constantly engage with our clients to receive feedbacks from them, knowing their request and making the desired changes, we help your business to have social exposure.

  • Optimizing and producing the best results
    Our affiliates constantly adapts to the changes in the market, make desired improvements in your social media profile, our best tools and techniques helps analysing, and optimize your social media presence.

  • Substantial Research
    Research is carried out to mention specific hashtags to gain credibility, minimum two hashtags must be present while writing the content, along with content, the specific keywords must also be there, so extensive research is required and we use popular content-specific hashtags to reach out to your leads. Thereby, improving engagement.

Benefits of using SMO strategy

  • Ensuring boost web traffic and brand’s visibility

  • Ensure popularity..

  • Advertising over a social media is free.

  • Act as a connection bridge to connect with the audience hence, lead generation.

  • Once the connection is built with the leads, the service provider can discuss about the updates and cam receive feedbacks from the leads to boost the brand.


Sikaria Tech’s SMO solutions

Our experienced team of digital marketing caters you with the best solutions in the market; we deliver best SMO service in Delhi. Along with SMO and SEO, we also favour SMM.

  • We provide both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

  • Website auditing and Reports.

  • Rank your website at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

  • More lead conversions.

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