Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing company is a component that promotes and market products and services using online channels like search engines, e-mail, social media and websites. It uses various techniques to give your business or product a brand value those are: SEO, SMM, SMO, content creation, emails and affiliate marketing etc.

It offers cost-efficient way to promote and engage with your target audience, derive huge web traffic and collecting heavy revenue.

Steps to show how digital marketing works:

  • Define your marketing goal
  • Identify potential customers
  • Identify the best marketing technique and tactics to promote your product
  • Optimize and Promote your product on different digital platforms
  • Measure and compare your previous sale with the current based on different metric.

“Digital marketing effectively began in the year 1990”

Scope of Digital Marketing

  • The scope of digital marketing is wide as it covers many aspects of marketing to empower your business, and it continues to expand as the technology continues to evolve. Scope of digital marketing can be seen in the area of:>

  • Advertising  Advertising act as a major scope of digital marketing because it generate leads and generates profits. There are various forms of advertising online like social media advertising, search engine marketing and video advertising. The ad must be created at different platform to ensure marketing.

  • SEO and SMM  SEO refers to the marketing tool that optimize websites to increase the visibility and accessibility over the search engines it uses techniques like keyword research and on-page optimization. SMM refers to the marketing tool that promotes your brand using social media generating a huge web traffic.

  • Content Marketing  It involves creation of valuable content that generate leads and bring huge traffic to your website. Content can be of any format text, video or infographic. Content created must attract the audience to engage.

  • Email Marketing   It involves sending personalized and important e-mail to promote products or services, engage and communicate with your leads and derive huge traffic.

  • Mobile Marketing  As mobile is handy to use and it’s continuous usage, mobile marketing involves communication with clients or leads on mobile phones. This includes mobile-responsive websites, apps and location based advertising.

  • E-commerce  Digital Marketing plays very significant role in promoting the online store or ecommerce by generating leads and immense revenue.

  • “Scope of digital marketing is dynamic and continually evolving”.

7 Cs of Digital Marketing

Marketing is a fundamental part of the business, in digital world where almost everything is operated online, it is crucial for business owners to opt a powerful market strategy. To implement a powerful digital marketing strategy for your firm you must understand the 7Cs of Digital Marketing. These are:

  • Customer   Knowing your potential customer is the best way to market your business, It’s important for a firm to know customer’s preferences and interests. To reach out to your customers, to know their interests and behaviours following things can be done:
  • I. Conduct surveys

    II. Online reviews

    III. Analysing digital channels

    IV. Using analytics tools.

  • Convenience
    Customer convenience is one of the most important to market your business online. Customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the sales and profits generated. To make your customer into a potential lead, following things can be done. For e.g. If you are running an e-commerce store, your store must have good look and feel, the UI must be captivating, the products must be useful to them and the payment gateways must be safe enough to make payments. Moreover, your website must be easy to navigate and use.

  • Competition  We know that competition are the best eye-openers, they help in knowing which technique would work and what would not. Reportedly, business with healthy competition make much more profit in the area of research and development that the business with no competitors. Competition gives new edge to the business, and gets more attention from the customers from different firms.

  • Communications  Communication plays a very a crucial role in promoting your business online, to expand your business exponentially, Communication is important between firms and target audience. It is always a two-way process and both parties need to be an active listener. Communication can be made through e-mails, chatbot and feedback system.

  • Consitency  Consistency is the most important value of a successful business; it helps to maintain the long-term customer relationship. It is a must have value as it shows loyalty to your clients. It gives expectations to your clients to expect from you more and hence it will scale your business.

  • Creative content   Content is the foundation and the backbone of a successful market strategy. It can help you engage with your clients, establish good relations and increases credibility, generate web traffic, elevate your brand value and generate leads. Content can engage, entertain, persuade and is the key to convert your leads into your target audience. Content is the king of the digital marketing without this C, all six c have no value.

  • Cohesion  Cohesion is one of the most crucial aspect in Digital marketing company in delhi strategy to drive brand awareness and engagement. This C of digital marketing strategy mainly focus on promoting your Business online by sending unified and consistent message across all Channels used for promoting like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. To ensure cohesion some points must be followed
  • I. Select KPIs (key performance indicators) that caters to your business needs

    II. Good branding must be done

    III. Organic traffic as well as Paid traffic are important

    IV. Communication

    V. Stay updated with trends.

    “Following the 7Cs in your business, your business will yield umpteenth number of sales and give your firm a competitive advantage”.

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