Web Development

Web Development

Web development refers to the creation, building and maintaining the website and web applications. It involves various subjects like front-end development, back-end and database management.

Every business wants to succeed and reach globally be it small-scale or large-sale, then websites come into picture. By having website of your firm, you can generate as many leads and can earn an apt revenue.

Every business wants to succeed and reach globally be it small-scale or large-sale, then websites come into picture. By having website of your firm, you can generate as many leads and can earn an apt revenue.

There are n numbers of websites in Internet and millions of website are created every day. Reportedly there are 2.3 billion website are registered on Internet, making it a high source of income for a business organization.

Registering your business online is easier and if you are selling a product, you don’t even need a shop or warehouse, all it requires a setup in in the Internet.

Website is a collection of webpages created using different technologies over the Internet. Webpages in a website is created using different disciplines such as front-end, back-end, written using some text-editors like atom, sublime text, frameworks like ruby on rails, Laravel, react.js libraries and IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse is used.

Types of Web Development

  • Front-end development
    Front-end web development refers to the creation of user-interface and user experience for a website. Front-end developers uses language like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build interactive visuals. HTML is used for writing the structure of the web page, while CSS is used for styling the page giving a good look and feel of the website and JavaScript to embed webpages and forms. Front-end is also known as the client-side development.

  • Back-end Development
    Website is not only the user-interface to connect it with the client, to interact with different functions of the website we need back-end development. Back-end developers uses programming languages like Python, Java, ASP.NET and PHP to code and to interact with the database we use frameworks.

  • Full-stack Development
    Full-stack development involves both front-end and back-end development. Full-stack developers can work in any layer they are proficient in both client side and server-side.
    Some other web developments include mobile web development, e-commerce website, Content Management System (CMS), and Single-Page Application.

Software used for web development

The choice for the best software to use entirely depends on several factors like the type of project, the language you know, your familiarity with different tools and frameworks and also depends on personal preferences.

Some of the widely used software in developing the websites are:

  • Text-editors
    Text-editors are used at the front-end to write plain text, it can be edited or changed. Some text-editors used in web development are:

  • Atom: It is a hackable and open-source text-editor by GitHub with many interactive features, great extensions and in-built packages and libraries.

  • Sublime text: It is an open-source text-editor known for its lightweight and extensive plugin ecosystem.

  • Visual Studio Code: It is one of the best text-editor for web development as it has wide range of extensions and built-in features that make easy for developers to edit the plain text.

  • Integrated Development Environments:
    It is a software used for writing source-code efficiently, it also facilitates the development of other applications, and it is designed in such a way that it has all aspects of programming. Widely used IDEs are Visual Studio and Eclipse.

  • Code-editors:
    A source-code editor is a software used for editing source-code of a computer program; it gives source-code rid from errors and bugs. It has several in-built features like indentation, automatic-error highlighting, auto-complete and code-snippets.
  • Widely used code-editors that are used are-Adobe-Dreamweaver and Brackets or Notepad++.

  • Framework and Libraries:
    A framework is a software consisting of various resources and tools to build and manage the website. It has many interactive and built-in features that helps developers to write efficiently, it is also time saving. Frameworks that are widely used are- React.js, Laravel, angular and Ruby on Rails.

  • Content Management system:
    A widely used software helps developers to create, manage and modify the content on the website easily. Using different CMS makes work easier because developers does not need to code from the scratch. Some example include- WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

Benefits of Web Development

  • Web development plays a very significant role in the digital world, not only for business but also if you want to impart your knowledge and skills to individuals. Web developers are the new demands in the market. Websites makes our lifestyle easy and hassle-free. Some of the benefits of Web-development are:

  • Global Reach: As website can be accessed from anywhere and at any point of time 24X7 hence, its hassle free and can generate n number of leads for the business.

  • Visibility: a well-optimized website (SEO, SMO) can give your website a global reach hence your website is visible worldwide.

  • Cost-Effective: Instead of opening a store for your products that require n number of people to market your goods therefore, website act as a cost-effective marketing tool for your goods it just require minimum effort and budget to begin.

  • Keeps you ahead of the competition giving your website a cutting edge.

  • Scalability and Upgradation: : A website is scalable that means if there is a need for an improvement it can be easily done, and upgradation is easy when it comes to website.

  • Collaborationwith other business is possible with website, through website you can interact with any person around the world.

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