Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative discipline that involves visual communication to share ideas, thoughts and concepts using visual elements like text, images, typographies, colors and infographic elements.

“It combines both art and technology in promoting your business online or offline”.

Graphic design can be seen in different channels like website, book cover, product packaging, advertisement and mobile applications created using visually appealing elements. Graphic designers using their artistic and technical skills to enhance your brand value and its image conveying its message and maintaining a great bonding among your audience.

Graphic designers must follow certain design disciplines like logo design, color theory, typographies to make the brand image better and to stand out.

How Graphic design works?

Graphic design workflow involves certain series of step to create visual elements, and appealing design. Though, step may vary with the type of project but the general steps are:

  • Project idea  The first step is to understand the goal of the project by engaging with the target audience through different modes or channels. The brief information of the project is gathered.

  • Extensive research gathering and concept planning  Extensive research is required to cater the needs of the target audience, to gain insights, to know the trends and to know more about competition. This help in generating new idea to construct images and visual designs that matches the goal of the project.

  • Sketching and Creating  In this step, the graphic designer starts sketching the idea and exploring many visual directions. This step involves exploring and experimenting designs and visual before moving to digital design phase.

  • Digital Design  Once the design and visuals are finalized graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Blender and Illustrator, the rough sketch is converted into digital design, they create the layout, choose among different colors, incorporate images, this step involves refining the image and visual.

  • Typography and visual Elements   In this step, the designer looks for the typographic element if the font matches to the project tone and style. Graphic designer must select the contrasting visual elements that suits the brand image. The brand image must convey its goal and message hence typography is important.

  • Feedback  Once all the above steps are followed, the design is sent to the client to get the feedback, according to the feedback the designer makes changes to the visual design and again follow all the steps to bring out the best design. One the design is approved it is finalized.

  • Delivery  Once the design is approved and finalized designer prepare files for implementation in different formats providing all the necessary files and is delivered to the client.

  • Collaboration.   To bring out the best visual design to give your brand a cutting edge, graphic designer collaborate with other professionals to meet the project goal.

Impact of Graphic design on business

Graphic design has a significant role in promoting the business, maintain its value, derive web traffic, and bring conversions through creating visually appealing and surreal designs that showcase the brand’s value and its message to the target audience. Some of the ways how graphic design impact the business:

  • Brand value   Graphic design helps in creating a strong and visually intriguing brand image for your business. It includes the logo design, selecting colors, typographies and visual incorporate images. A visually created brand image helps audience to understand the message and remember them.
  • Marketing Essentials Graphic design is also used to create and design marketing essentials like brochures, flexes, flyers and posters. These helps the public to know about your business, comprehend the brand’s identity. It catches attention of the public hence derive traffic at your website.

  • Advertising  Graphic design is crucial in the field of advertising. To make ads attractive, appealing and attention-seeker graphic designers work hard to make your ad impactful.
  • Websites  To make website more user-friendly, attractive, good look and feel graphic design is used to create wonderful and eye-catcher websites, hence enhances the communication by generating leads.
  • Social Media Graphics  Social media platforms are the most powerful marketing tool, hence to make your brand to stand out and to attract more leads from the social media; graphic designers create and designs appealing posters, infographics and banners that shows strong firm’s message.
  • Packaging and Product design  By packaging the product, it doesn’t always concern about protecting that product but to package the product in such a way that it leave a great impression on the target audience when you sell that product, also product you create must also be appealing enough. For that reason graphic designers uses their techniques to create well-designed packages that shows company’s brand value, and appealing enough that they come back again.
  • Visual Communication Graphic design also helps in conveying the complex information and data through visual elements like graphs, charts and diagrams. Not only it is appealing but also it makes the complex data understandable and memorable. Graphic design are used to create such visual elements.

Main Purpose of graphic design

The main purpose of graphic design is to communicate your target audience, promote your business, and create your brands using appealing visual elements. Graphic design is one of the powerful marketing techniques for your business. Some important purpose are:

  • Graphic design promotes visual communication, to convert complex information into visual element to making it more understandable and memorable.
  • Graphic design also serves its purpose in branding by creating enriched logo, using colors that matches the brand and using different font-size and styles.
  • Graphic design act as a powerful marketing tool by creating brochures, flyers, posters and banners. Advertisement also uses graphic design to create visually intriguing ads.
  • Graphic design has a significant role in making website’s good look and feel. Graphics designing company in Delhi make the user-interface of the website or app appealing and attractive.
  • Graphic design is also utilized in making book cover, magazines cover and in newspaper.

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